You will be pleasantly surprised how simple the concept is. All you need to do is register your child/children by providing some basic information on your first visit. After that all you do is show up, drop off the kids and go! However, please do give us a call! There is always a chance that we could reach maximum capacity based on our building occupancy limits but that rarely happens.​ We do accept reservations and we always have extra staff on hand for busy times such as weekends or special events. 

Give us a call:

(919) 439-3342

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Clean, organized staff, friendly & excellent layout. Kids really enjoy the different activities. Kids want to stay longer every time I pick them up.




We pride ourselves in the level of safety we provide to your children. All play areas have a locked door to keep the kids in and the parents out! Children are released only after parents or authorized pick-up persons show a picture ID - and we will ask for this at each and every visit even after we get to know you. It's our policy and we follow it without question. Also, all staff are CPR and First Aid certified with completed background checks. Many of them have years of childcare experience in many different ways and some simply just love spending time playing with kids.



Need to leave the kids during lunch or dinner and need a meal provided for them? No problem! For a small additional charge of $5.00 per child we can provide a meal for your child/children and take care of one more thing that you won't have to worry about. We also provide snacks and juice in the morning, afternoon, and evening (weekends) and carefully follow any dietary guidelines provided. You are also free to provide a meal for your children. Please note that we do not allow peanut products due to severe allergy risks. All children need to be able to feed themselves. We also cannot cook or heat food of any type (including bottles) so please plan accordingly.


Refund requests must be made in writing to the manager of the center you visit. The manager will then forward the request to the accounting department to have a refund issued. Refunds must be requested within 14 days of a package purchase. Hours used will be charged at the current drop-in rate with the balance being refunded. There are also no refunds on payment agreements. A refund check will be mailed within 30 days if approved.


The state of NC does not require that drop-in childcare centers obtain medical records such as proof of immunization, checks-ups, or physical exams. Please be prepared to provide medical information for any needs your child may have such as allergies or dietary restrictions.


Best Brains Apex can only administer emergency medication such as Epipens or Benadryl in the case of an allergic reaction or similar emergency. Children who take medication on a regular basis will need to be able to take the medication themselves. Best Brains can assist with providing water or opening a package if written permission is provided by the parent/guardian.


Our age limits are 6 months through 14 years. Infant pricing and packages can be combined with current family accounts, no need to create a new account for your infant. Infants will be converted to the regular childcare prices once they reach 12 months and are walking. Due to limited capacity we strongly suggest calling ahead or making a reservation. Please provide all necessary items your child will need during their stay including diapers, wipes, change of clothing, food, feeding utensils, bottles, etc.


Absolutely! – On occasion.  The NC definition of drop in childcare has a four hour maximum per day.  You can go over the 4 hours on occasion but not on a regular basis.  So, if you have a need for more than four hours on one day, it’s absolutely fine.  You just can’t go over the 4 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for example.  Also, our summer camp program and track out programs are full eight hour programs.